Sunday, October 14, 2012

signs of spring
oh the colors to be seen! it's a feast for the eyes. mid spring finds us slowing down in the midst of everything speeding up. there are many ballet rehearsals to come for the end of year performance. boy the littlest started gymnastics this year and has been going gangbusters. he'll have a big end of year to-do as well. it is all very exciting. i have something new and exciting of my own on the horizon as well, but perhaps more about that later.
but as i said we are trying to slow down. we've put swimming on hold and the art class e wanted to return to will have to wait until the new year. we're spending more time at home, when we're not at ballet or tennis or gymnastics or bush walking that is. we're out in the garden playing, cultivating, replenishing.
the boys and i have built several new veg beds. and that day way back last fall or whenever it was, the day i went nuts and strew flower seeds all over the garden, well, it has really paid off. there are poppies, marigolds, cosmos, chia...and a whole host of other as yet unidentifiable flower seedlings ALL OVER THE PLACE! i'm loving it!

little by little, both boys are reading more and more. j spends long moments in the garden observing all the insect comings and goings. lately he's interested in watching what insects pollinate which flowers. today he spent an hour comparing the 'landing pads' of nasturtiums to that of the orchids and the pitcher plants. once he had formulated the answers to his own questions, he came to me and gave me the low down. that boy amazes me. he's so comfortable being in charge of his own learning and his self confidence at only 9 years old blows me away.


the best thing about spring though, the lengthening, warming days.  breathing in sunshine and earth. growing new roots, digging deep. new growth. self and otherwise.


jane said...

lucky you that summer is just around the corner! i´m really missing warm sunny days. big hugs!
p.s. can´t wait to hear your news! :)

ladybug-zen said...

hi Sweet Jane! yes, sun, warmth, longer all makes such a difference:)

Ciara said...

What a happy post! I can feel your joy and anticipation of the coming warmer days, as we burrow cosily in for the coming darkness. I love how we are in opposite worlds, it seems!
Your boy makes my heart sing, and also makes me long for that for my 9 year old. Sometimes my life seems so chaotic and busy that I can't do what I meant to do. Not a complaint, but yes, a bit of a lament.

Striving onwards! xxxx :-)

ladybug-zen said...

oh beautiful Ciara,
you are the best mama ever and your little ones are so lucky.
i wish we lived down the street from one another (in Ireland, of course ;)not Oz) you and yours would be welcome at our place anytime.
wouldn't that be merry:)
happy weekend, my friend<3

Julie Maloney said...

Thanks for following me on Instagram. I also homeschool my boys, ages 12 and 15. xxoo

jgy said...

A sign of spring appeared here this weekend,
two lady bugs sitting on the stair on our outdoors walkway! They were the cutest pair, and of couse at their appearance I thought of you!!
Hope all is well and sending love from Japan, enjoy all the precious moments, ((a season apart as I jus realized you must be entering autumn...)

Md.Rashedul Islam said...

Spring is always my favorite season. I just love spring..... ummm smell of flowers... colorful sky..... WOW :)

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mita parvin said...

I really liked your post about signs of spring