Tuesday, September 11, 2012

signs of spring

currently grateful for:
-sun-kissed cheeks two days in a row
-slightly warmer nights and noticeably longer days
-a terrarium full of rapidly transforming tadpoles
-flowers abloom
-long days working in the garden
-dirt stained hands
-celebrating another birthday
-fresh juice every morning
-the buzz of bees everywhere, but especially in the lavender outside my bedroom window
-the lavender outside my bedroom window
-wrigglin' earthworms
and you?


Tania said...

Happy birthday Cyndi!

Sara Dahlman said...

Into Spring you go... into Fall I go. :) What a beautiful world.

ladybug-zen said...

thanks, Tania

ladybug-zen said...

indeed, Sara. it is:)

jgy said...

Happy Birthday! !

(grateful to be home and warm tonite after running a few miles barefoot in the rain after missing the last bus:))

ladybug-zen said...

thank you, JGY. i'm glad you made it home safe and sound too. take care :)