Tuesday, March 13, 2012

today--a running list

- made the boys their favorite breakfast, pasta served up with fresh, crushed herbs from the garden, a glug of olive oil and a pinch of salt. i was their queen :) at least during breakfast

- lost count of all the animal graves in the garden as we buried a rainbow lorikeet found by e first thing this morning

- toiled away quietly in the garden while enjoying some much needed 'me' time

- listened in as j & e engaged in some truly wacky, zombie filled, imaginary fun

- found the sweetest clutch of snail eggs, about 20 of them, while moving soil around from pot to pot. they've been tucked safely away in a little boy's terrarium. now we wait and watch.

- thoroughly enjoyed (in a skimpy, sleeveless top) the most beautiful, sunny, warm day we've had so far this autumn

- felt the need to be quiet and introverted, completely lost in my own meandering thoughts, indulging in a bit of melancholy even

- laughed quietly to myself out in the garden as i listened to the shenanigans playing out inside, two boys in need of a little relief in a house with only one toilet. yes, there was a bucket involved and lots of chortles, "omg! i can't believe i'm doing this in a bucket!"

- noticed at some point during the day that e has a new beauty spot on his nose. i bent down, kissed it and promptly fell in love

all photos taken summer 2011/2012


Ian said...

Snail eggs are the new caviar:

Snail Caviar is France’s newest gastronomical sensation.

Dominique Pierru, the genius behind Snail Caviar, spent three years perfecting his invention, after abandoning his career as a kitchen fitter. He had to find a way to “convince” his 180,000 snails to lay a large enough quantity of eggs, then soften and condition them. It was a tough-enough task, but now his De Jaeger caviar is one of the most coveted treats in French restaurants.

After selling 200 kg of Snail Caviar in 2008, Pierru estimates he’ll ship 300 kg by the end of the year. And that’s not because it’s cheap, a 30 gram-jar sells for 39 euros, while the 50 gram-one has an 82 euros price tag.

ladybug-zen said...

thanks for that, Ian. i did not know that:)

jgy said...

I love that orange butterfly.
Thinking of you and hope all is well,
with hugs from Japan,

ladybug-zen said...

hi jgy!
miss you. miss japan. i hope your days are full of bright butterflies and munching caterpillars :)