Friday, March 30, 2012

reality check

well, it's been awhile again, hasn't it. i know i've promised to come around more often, but i've been so content just watching my children grow. it's a simple thing, i know, but powerful nonetheless, when you witness your little lads maturing, finding and growing into themselves day after day. twice the other day i overheard my youngest son telling his older brother, " {sigh} life is so good, isn't it." to which big brother responded, yep. and that's all i need. to know that they are happy. that they enjoy this little life we live together.

when i look at you i see god


Joyce said...

As the days speed into one another and into the months, there is only so much time in a day... That being said, I think you are using your time wisely- with your children. Enjoy the time and the moment. Have a golden day! xo

p.s. I try not to look at the clock anymore (only if I have to), because it runs ahead of me making it hard to catch up. :)

jgy said...

Thinking of you LBZ,
Yes, seeing God in everything:))
How are you?
Just a reality check to come here and send love and hugs,

ladybug-zen said...

Hello my Beautiful Friend:)
I am well. How are you? And your family? Thank you for stopping by and leaving me love and hugs:) I've been thinking of you lately and have been meaning to sit down and type out an email. Some interesting (and good) things are happening for me right now. Well, atleast the potential is there. I just have to work my butt off to make it happen.
I will send you an email soon because I'd love to share this with you as well as ask for your advice on a few things.

hugs and kisses, m'lady